Findtrustworthy web3 projects... Or spot thebad ones.

Crypto is supposed to be trustless. It's supposed to give control back to the people. It's supposed to be transparent... But it's not. We are here to fix that.

Funds lost in DeFi 2022
$3.1 billion
Unique DeFi users 2022
6.5 million
Apps indexed in TrustScore so far
Trustless Background

The future of TrustScore

You see those stats up there? ☝️ Yeah, not looking too good. If we are going to get mainstream into crypto, we're going to have to make it safer and more trustworthy.

TrustScore might not look like much yet. Check out the DeFi apps... Not much there, I know. But the goal is to index more data that helps crypto users know what risks there are in projects.

Things like...

  • How decentralized is it?
  • Is there smart contract risk?
  • Can the creator just update the code?
  • Can the creator pull funds?
  • Any previous hacks?

Think a cheat sheet for crypto projects. Maybe it becomes one of your stops to do due diligence.

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